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Good reasons why you should watch DOM

As I’ve been saying DOM could mean, well, “Delicious Old Men” or “Dirty Old Men.” But as a musical, it simply means Dirty Old Musical which is set for its third four-weekend run still at the Music Museum starting on Friday, Feb. 22. During its initial run in September 2016, Jojo Gabinete and immensely enjoyed it, and so did Sylvia Sanchez, Beverly Salviejo, Glenda Garcia, Carlitos Siguion-Reyna, Renen de Guia and wife Celine, and Susan Roces who were also in the audience. Susan told us that she watched it to support senior artists who are still active.

DOM is a musical, all right, but, again as I’ve been saying, it’s not your kind of musical that showcases only songs interspaced with dancing. It has songs ­— and much, much more. As scriptwriter Rody Vera put it, “It’s something about aging men, a little past the midlife crisis, but barely approaching senior-hood…that age when men are just about halfway to giving up denial and yet not unwilling to partake of the wonders of technology for whatever it takes to extend the illusion of youth…”

It’s about five artists trying to relive their glory days as they hatch a plan to raise funds for a hospitalized ailing member (played by Ricky Davao shown only in video clip, a clever idea because Ricky couldn’t do it in person due to his vertigo), in the process opening the Pandora Boxes of their pasts in episodes packed full with drama, comedy, action and a lot of surprises enlivened by songs of the bygone era when hearts were young, and loving and living involved nothing more life-threatening than missed meals and loss of sleep.

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